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How To Make A Comfortable Small Home Interior Design

Today, the urban society always tends to have a home that is practical but still comfortable enough to live. It’s not a surprise that the minimalist concept is so popular. Therefore, there’s a saying about the minimalist concept, “Living in the box” maybe that’s the phrase that fits.

Currently, the limitation of space is no longer relevant as the reason for having a small house. The limitation of space, especially in the big cities, demanding people to save money to build a house. It takes a special trick to arrange a small home interior. Starting from the selection of wall color to the interior accessories. You don’t need to worry about the layout arrangement, the color selection and the proper furniture selection.

Bright color selection
There are many ways to overcome the limited space, for example, by applying the bright colors for the walls. Also, use furniture that has a simple design in order to avoid any unnecessary limitation in the room. If you prefer using wallpapers, choose one that has simple texture and pattern.

Furniture Selection
Choose furniture that has a simple design and soft colors in order to produce a spacious and light effects to the room. For a touch of nature, apply the natural elements such as potted plants or even an in-house garden.

The optimization of empty spaces
A small house must to maximize every space and corner. For example, the space under the sink can be optimized to store some goods. The space under the stairway is one of the best spaces to be maximized as the storage space.

The Lighting
The color of light includes two color, yellow light (bulb) gives a warmer, natural and romantic feel. While the white light (fluorescent) presents a formal, broad, and a friendly ambience to a room. You also need to adjust the distance of each placement of the lamps.

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