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How To Decorate A Formal Dining Room

Do you plan on celebrating something? Or just inviting your friends around you to tighten the relationship? There must be an agenda to have a dinner together, isn’t it? Then, the next question is, Where would you take them? Of course, the most practical answer is the restaurant. The food is certainly tasty, you can just relax while chatting with your friends and you don’t need to be busy preparing all the foods.

But, have you ever thought to celebrate in your own home? The atmosphere of togetherness will definitely be more intertwined. They even will feel more at home because of the atmosphere of your home is not much different from theirs. But, well, in fact that your dining room is very simple and narrow too.

However, why don’t we give it a try to arrange it? Here are some tips you can do to arrange a formal dining room to welcome guests :

1. When you want to arrange the dining room and the table, the first thing to consider, such as, either it’s dinner or lunch, what kind of celebration, the menu will be served and the people who will sit down together at the dining table.

2. You may need to put a centerpiece in the middle of the dining table, like a bouquet of beautiful flowers or candles which will bring more intimate and romantic atmosphere. However, please be aware of its size, don’t let it hinder the eye contact among the guests.

3. Don’t be stuck in one style only. Combine a wide range of styles, so as not to be monotonous. For example, you can re-paint your dining room with all the furnishings with a good color combination like neutral colors and bright colors. The important thing is, don’t be afraid to experiment, but stay simple.

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