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How to Brighten Up the Room Décor with a Chaise Longue

If there is one piece of furniture that transcends time and immediately brightens up the room décor, it’s none other than the incredible addition of a chaise longue.

Chaise Longue, also popularly known as Chaise Lounge is a traditional piece of furniture that exudes elegance, royalty, and privilege. It is basically an upholstered sofa that is shaped like a chair and offers enough room for leg support. It is thought to be first used by the royal families of Egypt but was reintroduced among the European elites mainly by a French architect called Le Corbusier. Since then, it’s fame was revitalized as a fashionable piece of statement element in any room décor. With its sheer size and appeal, it can easily be used to show some love to an empty corner of your house. However, despite space, it takes up, it can also be easily fitted with other pieces of furniture.

So, today, let’s find out how you can use the help of a chaise lounge to brighten up the décor of your room from below.

Perfect Placement of a Chaise Longue

If you are blessed to have a large sitting area, you can always place your chaise longue as the focal point. Due to its sheer attractions, it works great as an accent piece to all the other furniture you would have in the room.

It can also work well in the bedroom or in any other empty corner of your house. If you are going to place it in a bedroom corner, create a comprehensive set up around it with bookshelf, side table, lamp, and so on. It can also work well as a stand-alone piece by the bedside or beside a window with a stunning view. In such a setup, you pretty much need nothing else. But you can always compliment it with a contrasting rug underneath. If your long reclining chair is pretty decorative itself, keep the rug minimal and clean.

While it is quite sufficient enough to draw enough attention to itself, don’t hesitate to enhance or complement its decorative allure with the addition of accessories. The most convenient is obviously to add a cushion. It can provide continuity to your overall color pallets, while also enhancing the comfort. It is also quite stylish to match the color of your curtains or the wallpapers.

Learn About the Different Types

While any long chairs or even the deck chairs are often referred to as a chaise longue, these timeless chair is mainly categorized into three sections. The Réclamier has two raised ends with no backrest in the middle, while the Méidienne looks pretty much like the asymmetrical day beds. The Duchesse brisée, however, normally has two separate parts with a chair and a footrest. While each of them offers similar functionalities, a Méidienne chaise lounge is probably more suited near a window while Réclamier and Duchess brisée work well by the bed or a standalone piece respectively.