Home Design

How To Achieve Country Charm

Country style is casually elegant, focusing on mood rather than flash. You don’t need an estate out west to achieve this look. Incorporate these designs into your home and bring out your Southern side.

Plaid upholstery will automatically give your home some country charm. Choose a plaid of any colors you want. For a more country look, choose a plaid of nude tones, or warm reds.

Using stacked suitcases as a nightstand will also add tremendously to your look. It looks casually thrown together, but at the same time makes a huge design statement.

Nothing makes a kitchen more inviting than displayed copper pots. Something about the bronzed metal just spreads warmth throughout your kitchen. If you’re planning on using the pots as a decoration only, consider hanging them over your island as opposed to over your stove top so they keep their shine.

As simple as it sounds, a bowl filled with apples is crucial in country design. It’s unlikely that you’ll find a country home without one. Apples scream fall, and country, place them in a wooden bowl and display them on your coffee table or in your kitchen.

The most critical aspect of country design, is a cozy country porch. Country is all about the outdoors and comfort, so design a porch that allows you to accomplish both. Try wicker furniture with warm lighting, and some cozy throw blankets as well.