Wall Design

Home Wallpaper Design Ideas

If you’re going for decorating your kids room then go for a smart and a transitional approach that could be suitable for a maximum period of time.

Your daughter who loves a pink-perfect environment would love a themed room with contrasting colors and even stickers pasted upon them for a unified and attractive look.

The bed sheets could also be custom made accordingly with your kid’s favorite interest and the drapery could match the theme color scheme.

Home wallpaper could totally change the look of your room. For you master bedroom chooses a baby pink color that would complement the light and sleek furnishings for a ever-so-lovely romantic feel.

Most importantly the best way to go about all this is to contrast the bed linens, oversized cushions on the sofas and drapery to be of striped pink and white colors for a mixed match.

Persian wallpaper deeply affects the heart because of its brilliantly designed ideas and a traditional vibe it produces.

This could totally go with the layered carpets which are very in these days and defines a true eclectic space. Even the Mediterranean-inspired look integrates the Persian detailed artwork in its wallpapers to give out a coastal and refreshing look. Brazilian rugs and blue pottery would totally look wonderful.