Home SPA Design

A spa Bathroom can facilitate you with best of luxuries and give you a fraction of sensations you felt at the spa.

The finest of spas are characterized with comfortable sitting space for your guests to find a sanctuary where they could leave all their burdens behind and enter a tense-free atmosphere.

Opposite to your vanity hang a wooden framed mirror and treat your windows with floral print shades. To initiate your own bathroom spa feeling don’t forget to have a calming candle light, soothing auras and fluffy towels. You can even hang a chic bath caddy for the guests to stock toiletries.

Spa treatment lovers often found refuge between glowing candles that emanate vibes of tranquility and peace. A teak stool accompanying your bathtub can be a wonderful way to store equipments necessary for treating your foot, legs or fingers.

Evoke your spa feeling through acoustic soothing music by the use of in-built bathroom speakers in the ceilings.

Spa treatment lovers Often Use big mirrors which give sensational feelings.

Compliment your bathroom by using black color, it provides luxurious atmosphere.