Home Sculpture Statues Ideas

Home sculpture ideas can make a significantly different to your house. It’ll slightly give an enhancement of any value aspect. Presenting an artwork like sculpture is a great option in order to have an artistic focal point. You can integrate a sculpture in your front garden, so it makes it as if it’s a “guardian” of your home. The combination between the garden statue and the surrounding plants will create a positive effect to the landscaping of the interior of your home.

Integrating sculptures in the homes originally come from the ancient Roman and Greeks. They had many sculptures in every part of their homes, either it’s small or the huge ones. They realized that having sculptures as the home decorators would augment the elegance and the distinction to their homes. Until now, sculpture design ideas become an element of particularity of a home.

The first thing about the home sculpture ideas, to have the sculptures integrated in your home is planning. The landscaping layout is everything. For example, you want to place a sculpture statue in your front garden. Therefore, you have to determine the exact spot, where the harmonization between the statue and the garden happens. Or, if you feel too “heavy” about having a statue, you can replace it by a birdbath, a fountain, or you can also consider having living sculptures, like bush or vines forming animal, pyramid or spiral characters. Every choice of the sculpture has its own advantages and disadvantages. The stone sculptures, like statues or fountains costs much but it will last a lifetime and very low cost maintenance. The living sculptures are relatively cheap to create, but the maintenance to ensure it keeps well formed is pretty hard.

Next step, it’d be better if you add some natural sculptures in order to get the natural atmosphere in your landscape. For example, a butterfly bush, which invites butterflies, installed on each side of the statue. The presence of such a sculpture will bring a significancy in your home sculpture ideas.

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