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Home Interior Design Color Trends

Home interior trends never stops embracing the passion of the homeowners to embellish and end enhance the appeal of their interior design. One of those trends is the coloring option for the interior design. Ever since the interior design trend was developed, the coloring of the interior design has always been the main issue. The interior color trend will always be influenced by the public mood in every period. The economics and the social issue are one of the things that will always influence the interior color trend.


The use of red in the interior design can be applied to the walls of the room. But, it’s recommended that it’s only applied to one side of the wall in the room, it’s enough to attract the entire room, because red is very interesting. With too high doses, Red can create a pressing atmosphere. But don’t worry, if you use it appropriately, red can improve your spirits. As a primary color, red symbolizes strength. Adding red in the interior design means to assert and to reflect a strong impression in the room.

Black and white

Black and white are very identical with the concept of minimalism. This concept is also often the first choice for people with independent, practical, and elegant type. The combination of these two colors can give the impression of timeless and elegant, as well as more exclusive. If applied to the living room, this classic duo color will give the impression of a warm and inviting the whole family to get together.

Environment tones

The global warming issue has influenced everything in this world, including the interior design. The interior color trend influenced by the nature is characterized by the choice of natural color, such as brown, green and blue. By integrating such colors into your interior design, you’ll slightly feel the nature is nearby.

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