Home Garden Furniture Selection And Maintenance Ideas

Have you ever imagined that you can optimally enjoy your house garden by only sitting with your whole family? Of course, this is not a very hard idea to be realized. But, most homeowners are not too concerned about the proper garden furniture selection. In addition that you have to select the right furniture, you should be aware of the maintenance.

Therefore, you need to consider a few things to choose a proper garden furniture. Beside that, you also have to adjust the furniture selection with your budget. Because the exterior furniture made of the combination of wood and metal is more expensive than the interior furniture.

Once you’ve finished choosing the furniture that suits your needs and functions, we also need to understand how the maintenance methods of the exterior furniture. Basically, it’s based on the type of materials of the furniture. If it’s rattan or wicker, you can clean it with the vacuum cleaner or brush.

Meanwhile, for the wooden furniture, the common problem of it is the mold or mildew in some parts, especially in the legs. To get rid of this problem, you can use hot water mixed with bleach. Once perfectly mixed, you can just brush the infected parts.

Another problem that often arises is rust on the exterior metallic furniture. The rust is sometimes also attached to the wood components. To eliminate it, you can rub the rusty part with sandpaper and then, re-paint or coat it with varnish.

The last is the furniture made of plastic. In order to make it always look clean, you can only wash it wash with water. But, if there is dirt that’s already attached and difficult to remove, you can use the mix of water and chlorine or bleach.

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