Healthy And Relaxing Cottage Garden In A Simple Waterfall

The presence of a cottage garden in the house is very important and interesting. But sometimes, many homeowners don’t see it that way, thus they prefer to construct a more room instead of having a garden. In fact, a garden, which is usually composed of some plants and a mini waterfall, can effectively enhance the health quality of the home occupants, plus it also serves as the aesthetic aspect of a house.

The presence of an element of water in our house is also important as the relaxing element of the house. The sound of the water flow widely known to have a relaxing effect. This is one of certain reasons why adding a simple waterfall in your in-house garden is very popular for the home owners all around the world.

Here are the step-by-step tips to help you design your own cottage garden along with a mini waterfall :

1. Determine the garden and the mini waterfall layout and position. It’s recommended to have the waterfall right in the middle back of the garden to make it the focal point of the cottage garden.

2. Choose the plants you want to place in your cottage garden. The roses, orchids, lilacs and lavender are the best plants to be planted in your cottage garden. In addition to beautifying the house, they are fragrant plants, so you will have a good ambience, either it’s from the visual and olfaction aspect.

3. It’s recommended to start the construction by making the hardest part of the garden, which is the waterfall. First step is to buy a simple-designed aquarium pump and a wide bowl which serves as the reservoir.

4. Infiltrate tube pump into the bottom of the bowl, and cover it with natural rocks to disguise it.

5. Design the pile of the rocks along with the other waterfall surface materials based on your wish. However, the construction of the rocks must easily facilitate the flow of the water.

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