Entrance Design

Hall Design Ideas

It can be a trouble deciding how to design the Hall when it’s mainly a path leading from one space to another, but if thought out wisely, your hall can be an addition to your favorite areas in your home.

 Get rid of the blankness on the white walls of your hall and add built-in bookcases to them on each side. Add a few silver lamps that hang from the wall bringing your book collection under the spotlight.

 With a dark wooden flooring, place a running beige rug in the hall to complete the look.

 If you are not big on literature, simply replace the books with pictures or small knick-knacks you have collected from different places.

For a brighter look, you can have small box shaped cases added to the walls painted bright yellow, red, green and orange.


 Place small figurines or plants in the cases. Install tiny lights at the head of the cases so they illuminate the objects placed underneath.

 If your hall isn’t spacious, install a long mirror on one side with wooden borders. Place a running rug of light abstract colours and tiny green plants at either sides to add life and freshness to your hall.