Living Room

Grey Living Room

Many customers ignore the living room being inspired by Grey Color because of its gloomy aesthetic. However with the growing trends, improvisation has occurred in such a way that contemporary and modern designers choose grey as the focal point to add stylish chic beauty.

If your room has bold furnishing colors, then grey is the perfect choice to go for. Adopting grey wallpaper or grey flooring could tone down the hyper vibes of the room and balance the overall artistic strokes.

Even red roses placed dramatically upon the coffee table which presides over a zebra-inspired rug then remarkable feeling is generated. Use varying shades of gray to mingle the cool and soft look.


In a living room, leave your ceilings very high so a spacious and airy atmosphere is created. Grey colored walls makes the room feel even further ventilated and roomy.

Rich colored accents like plum and burnt orange could be incorporated over pure white sofas; while the background could be painted with steely gray.

An arched wooden window with floral drapery is a unique approach to try. A dramatic display of brilliant appliances could be only possible through the color grey.

This color could be the option for framing family photographs and even dark gray could be the color of your TV console. Highlight this color through keeping the wallpaper white and the sofa cushions multi-colored.