Green Kitchen Colors Trends

The Green Color is the color which is highly ignored when it comes to decorating kitchens. However many are oblivious to the attraction and appeal this color creates if it is executed properly.

Using the transitional autumn colors in your kitchen is a very trendy style to choose.


The backsplash in the kitchen can be the wonderful mosaic tiles; combination of dark green and brown color.

Pendent lights highlight the true effect of this kitchen masterpiece creating a scenario of autumn even in the chilly winters! Opting for wood floors simply clicks a pale green cabinetry design in your head.

If you ask which hardware is hot in the market this summer; then the simple answer would be the green glass knob that every other customer these days is buying.


Even to complement this sheer beauty glass countertops have initially started to raise their sale.

Gold and green accents are a major focal point where the Kitchen Island is having a wooden top while the base is colored with light green effect and the chairs used are plated with a golden shade.