Green Bedroom Color Trends

Want to paint your bedroom Green but not sure which shades and colors are in and which ones you should avoid? Want to paint your bedroom green but not sure which shades and colors are in and which ones you should avoid?

Here is a helpful guide for you to know what to go for, and what to look out for. Make use of the fact that green is called a neutral colour, it goes with basically anything.

Each shade has its own mood and feel, so go for olive tones that are cozy and rustic and if you want to add a little life to the room, decorate it with small neon green objects, but don’t over-do it.


For a more modern and energetic look, go for Lime and Chartreuse that go well with a lively personality.

To add a more refreshing look to your room, bring home bright grass-green bed cushions to go with a brown bed covering. The overall effect would be earthly, soothing and energizing.

Use your bedroom as an escape from the scorching sun outside. Paint your bedroom walls with fresh and cool blue-green tones and create your peaceful refuge from the heat.

A white low-height bed and window panes complement the cool look you’re looking for, and the overall effect is calming and relaxing to the eyes and the mind.