Green Bathroom Colors Trends

Minimalism is the hot topic for many designers to discuss over, however the question is what to complement this theme and the answer is the color green.

 The green is characterized by its neutral personality and brilliant aesthetic feel. Bathroom is known for a place at times that is often cold and chilly. To eliminate these vibes, rich brown color could be amalgamated in the room through rustic wood framing and plant pots.

 Dark green color is the correct color to highlight the rooms true beauty; through having fresh green plants and rugs. Pastel green color could be used as trendy style to go with for a cottage styled bathroom.

 Marble tops could harbor the daily clutter of the bathroom with elegance and the nickel fixture adds a vintage 20th century vibe. Basket-weave tiled flooring and glass cabinet knobs go with the flow of the bathroom.

 Mossy green is another color style that many customers applied and were satisfied by its results. This color mimics old plaster and can be complemented by glass stripes flowing within these colors.

 Even the aqua marine styled bathrooms featuring bottle green color creates a brilliant impression; bringing you the feeling of the coast.

Complement this beauty by floor to ceiling windows to allow natural light to pas in and highlight the brilliant green backsplash in mosaic tiles.