Great Company Office Design Ideas!

Here are some great ideas for when you are designing your own company office.


1. Having a food and fun area can be good for break time at work – and break time is crucial for effective brain functioning and better work output.

2. Try to design the office in an inspiring way that sets the general culture of the company. For example, this is Etsy’s offices. They provide a platform from which home designers and artists can market their products- so their office has a supportive and creative vibe.

3. You want offices that promote creativity and fun, positive thinking. This office decided to keep creative juices flowing by building cubicles in a unique shape and color.

4. We loved the bright colors and white walls in this office space. It seems like a great place to bounce ideas off your coworkers (The Skype Offices).

5. Your office should be reflective of your business, and inspiring. This conference room is reflective of Swarovski diamonds because it is white, reflective, with a sparkling chandelier, and inspirational images of  jewelry in the walls. (Swarovski Offices).

6. You should have a corner of fun! Check out what the Threadless Offices in Chicago did with their offices…

7. Large open spaces are conducive to conversation and brainstorming. The white walls and bright colors give this office a positive vibe.

8. These offices may be in an industrial office space, but they seem very social. They are simple.

For more inspiration to get your creative juices flowing, peruse through our photo gallery!