Gorgeous Bathrooms

For many customers, a Gorgeous Bathroom could be defined as the amazing pieces of artwork incorporated in a single room with an inspiring eclectic theme.

 Marble tiled low length wallpaper topped up by extremely excessive patterns of dark green and black which could ensure the essential liveliness you were always in the search of.

 A dark freestanding vanity accented with coastal areas accessories is deemed as a wonderful combination to the listello tiles running through the walls. Wooden framed mirrors with exposed fibers in a network bring out a brilliant look, while being highlighted by the orange wall sconces.

 His and her vanity space is an option to avail for a complimentary luxury. Gorgeous bathroom could be achieved through lining backsplash of the vanity area with brick tiled glass finishes for it to reflect light and lighten up the owner’s mood every now and then.

 Complement this with a sleek and modern medicine cabinet for ensuring maximum storage space within less space for your own ease.

 Deep espresso finishes over the countertops could embellish the existing beauty of the gray porcelain flooring. A gorgeous way to finish off a gigantic bathroom could be by using the space for accommodating hi-and-her sinks separated by a vanity cabinet harboring wild grass leafs.

 Separate mirrors with wall sconces side by side could be placed above each sink for a symmetrical loveliness. Translucent wading pool sinks with a faded orange color could complement the wooden under-cabinets.