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Go For The Glow: Mother Of Pearl

While slightly more expensive than other materials, mother of pearl will add a certain iridescence to your home design that other materials can’t. Incorporate it with wallpaper, back splashes, and small accents.

Made from natural shells, mother of pearl mosaic tile is available in a wide range of natural hues and tones. While the most common color is a natural white, if you’re looking for something a little more shocking, the tile can be artificially tinted to almost any color.

Mother of pearl is also now being incorporated into flooring. The subtle hints of shimmer will add an elegant quality to your room.

Kitchen back splashes are a fairly common place to find mother of pearl. Using the shiny material as a back splash will create a strong focal point in your kitchen.

For a truly glamorous look, cover your walls with mother of pearl. Choose a light hue to brighten your room, or a gold hue to warm up your room.

Mother of pearl accents, like mirror frames, are a perfect way to jazz up any room. Its reflective quality has a way of making spaces feel larger than they actually are.

A mother of pearl sink is an elegant touch to any bathroom. This style is less useful for the kitchen as it is a more delicate material than ceramic.