Paint Colors

Glidden Paint Color Ideas

Painting Colors upon your interior and exterior is the way for refreshing the feel of your house. And now it’s easily accessible to see what is in fashion and what’s not.

Try gathering combinations and pre-planning color ideas is the way to go about it! On your exterior; play the game of light colors to portray softness and an airy charm.

Certain areas can be darkened in color to add a visual impact to the exterior. You could have same ways to establish combination of different colors like Wood smoke, Blue grey slate and Marshmallow white upon your roof. Uniformity can be achieved through coloring your rooftop and trim with the same color.

Warm stone covering your fireplace complemented by Bronzed Ivy accessories could radiate the essential warmness in the living room. Customize your bedroom with the brilliant Glidden Paint colors which mainly target the soul; in order to make it relax and sooth ones inner self.

The bold Sangria and Delicious Plum can be incorporated in the master bedroom for a deep portrayal of beauty. The almost Aqua and dark Eucalyptus tree shades can be integrated within the mosaic tile backsplash of your bathroom for a brilliant yet unique stroke.

Make your home look lovely and own it through the Glidden Paint color ideas.


Onyx black is the perfect choice to avail when it comes to looking for shades for your countertop to add glamour and a sleek touch.