Garden Lighting Ideas

Lighting is the cheapest magic trick to use to embellish the beauty of your garden. Try ideas to illuminate setting space and create a distinctive mood in your garden like never before.

Placing kerosene lantern is a wonderful way to lighten up your mood; it is not only pleasing to the eye but better than candles because they won’t blow out. They can be hung at different points in the garden even for an amazing touch.

Bring a touch of seashore illumination to your garden through oversized seashells placed upon sand and glowing remarkably because of a candle in between

This setting could be done on a low leveled table placed in the corner for you to enjoy night time with your loved ones.

Tiki torches are also a unique idea that could create a wow-factor in your lush green garden. Overhead fixtures like faux lanterns if hung from trees could be create an enchanting an romantic spell.

During party-times, the best way to illuminate the whole garden is through the silk-flower lighting. They aren’t only sweet by the day but are extremely radiant at night.

Even casually if you love to be in a place where decorations are a must; then don’t hesitate to fix garden glow lights beside your swimming pool or your favorite oak tree. They can be anchored through wooden poles immersed in sand pots.