Garage Flooring Design Ideas

A decent floor design can liven the place up. For keeping Garages solely for the purpose of storage and parking cars cemented floors are the best option.

For making them a bit more pleasing to the eye chipped floors can be installed giving a clean and smooth outlook.

Floors can have designated spots for tyre tracks to individualize car space.

Garage floors are better made slanting so that when washed can easily be drained.

To give your garage a more wholesome look, carpeting can always be done though it diminishes the storage space for tools and hardware for carpets are easily stained.

Garages can have tiles as well which work well with oil stains and skid marks as they are easy to wash off from a smooth surface


Wooden floors work well with creating a homely look so if you transform your garage into an extra room, checked tiles wooden flooring, rugs would look exquisite, depending on the furniture.