Garage Design Ideas

Gone are those days when your Garage was the place for only harboring vehicles. The new times characterizes the garage area like a second personal shed after your bedroom where your privacy is highly enacted with you.

The garages initial purpose of giving your vehicles a refuge could be complemented with the common ideology of insuring their maximum safety.

For such safe space, electronic devices monitoring the arrival of owners through face checks or thumbprints are an advanced but expensive addition.

For a luxurious retreat remote controlled garage doors with special features of installing remotes within the car for maximum utility is another option that one should surely avail

Illuminating your garage is the foremost important aspect to consider while decorating it. One of the major reasons why a simple minimalistic garage could give a wow-factor is through elegant pendant lights.


Cabinetry placed upon one side of the wall with all the cars-related books could be fitted for an attractive exciting brilliance. Don’t forget to have under cabinet LED lights that’ll look heavenly when all the other lights are closed.

Comfortable oversized couches could be placed at the corner with a coffee table beside it for a potential hanging out place. Poufs could be a wonderful idea which could be stacked somewhere and taken out when needed. Even the arrival of a small mini refrigerator is an attractive feature.