OutdoorStorage Design

Garage And Shed Design Ideas

Garages having ample space for storage apart from cars, Garages are designed in a way that two cars can easily fit and still there is space for storage of your golf-sets, old shelves and books, old furniture etc.

Garages when well-kept can provide adequate space to create a home gym or ironing space or even laundry.


Sheds can be used as a storage space as well and can store bicycles and other kids discarded accessories, but can also be used as a place with shade made to relax in.


Sheds can provide a backyard greenhouse for planting and potting gardens as well.


Sheds with good architectural outlook can beautify your back yards or gardens and can also be used as a place to enjoy afternoon and evening teas.


Sheds can maximize storage space for you if effectively designed. Gardening tools can be warehoused in sheds present in your gardens making the activity easy for you with your tools efficiently in reach.


They can also be houses for your pets and can be made in a way that tends to the needs of an animal in winters and summers. Sheds and Garages if effectively designed can ease your life undeniably.