Furniture Design Ideas

The overall look of the house is merely but incomplete without the furniture. The Furniture gives it the look it wants, the finishing touch of the house. Furniture is the most significant asset in your house as it truly defines your house and adds beauty and class to it.

The furniture that you are deciding to add totally depends on the style you choose ranging from retro to contemporary to modern, there is a big range to choose from.

Let us explore the artistic side of practical design. The winter chair, a new form of chair redefining the modern design specially made for winters. Its wooden arms are covered with woven wool which spills out on the surface forming like a soft carpet giving you a warm and cozy feel.

The transparent slot table; a new modern invention, Inspired by the clean, square design of classic M Series boxes, this versatile acrylic side table is as functional as it is beautiful. Its transparency gives the Slot Table an unexpected lightness, while the reflective nature of the acrylic brightens a room without overpowering it.

The Hap-tic chair, the Hap-tic Chair is the pure expression of detailed handicraft work. With a unique, elegant shape and textures that activate your sense of touch,  is an item that will impress you with its simple grace.Let us also expatiate the very idea of using wood as an important tool in furniture inside your living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens.

The solid wood designs escape the clunky, chunky look sometimes associated with other furniture ranges of this highly durable type, and instead showcase finely crafted, slim-line styles to sit lightly and unobtrusively in an airy modern setting.