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Funky Bedrooms – Making Your Bedroom Your Own

bedroom, for many, is that private place where you are free to let your creative juices flow. Some people use an accent, a color pop, a poster or decoration. Here are some examples of people who went the extra mile to make their space unique. You can draw ideas on how to make your bedroom your own.

1. Hanging bed: Tired of the old faithful four leg bed? That solid bed that sits on the floor? Well check out this hanging bed in this funky bedroom.

2. Can you guess this bedroom owner’s favorite color? Make a room your own by filling it with colors and textures you love.

3. Theme your bedroom in a certain style you’re a fan of. This bedroom designer must have loved the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.

4. A painted wall can add so much character to a room. Check out this beautiful artwork:

5. Colors, patterns, and stripes – Oh my! This designer filled their room with a collection of different designs, patterns, and colors, and yet made it work.

6. Writing things on the wall or adding some sort of silly, uniquely colored, or special furniture can really add some personality.

7. You can add something personal that you like to do into the design of your room. For example, if you love books, fill it with books! If you love the outdoors, make your room look like it! Here are two examples:

8. Check out these rooms and their unique bed shapes! Specially ordering a certain bed shape can really make a room unique and maybe make you feel like you are in the far off lands of your dreams!


9. Textures can add a lot of charm to a room. From a fuzzy carpet to a vinyl seat, these different fabrics set a whole set of vibes.

10. Using eclectic, random, out of place furniture in creative ways can be fun and stylish!

11. Here is an example of someone that combined all of these tips to make a natural safe haven in their own room

Check out our Photo Gallery below to see a variety of other funky and fun bedrooms for some other great ideas!