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Functional Laundry Room Design Ideas

The unused space in the house can be transformed for functionality with laundry room design ideas. The housekeeping jobs can be done in quick and easy ways if you always consider about the utility in each room in the house.

Most people infuse the laundry room in the garage or even basement for they want it to look simple and functional. You just have to give small space in the garage for the laundry area, while the rest of the garage can be divided for storing the workshop equipment, vehicles and athletic equipment.

The garage usually is big enough so that it can be utilized for many functions. The first thing to concern is the storage area in the laundry room. If you have done washing all of the clothes, they tend to load for you do not have much time for ironing the clothes one by one within a day. It will be great if you can save them inside the dresser temporarily until you have time to iron all of them. If the room does not allow you to have a dresser, you can install shelves on the wall to accommodate those clothing items. The storage area for the filthy garments should be arranged too.

You can take it on the basket made from plastic or even wicker. The ironing process can be done right away in the laundry room. You can set an ironing board. Pick the one which can save much space by sliding the board when it is not in use. The last thing to note in the laundry room is the selection of illumination. With proper lighting the job can be done easily. During the day, you can get enough natural light. If you want to use the laundry room design ideas at night, you need to turn on the light.

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