Floors Home Design Ideas

For high traffic areas; many tend to carpet the whole area. However many customers hate the idea of being forced to cover their Floor. Therefore go for the most popular design that is the red oak. Its reddish tones could be the focal point of the room and its resistance towards heavy stepping makes it even more reliable.

If you want something that would stand out of the typical human choices; then go for planning your child’s floor with puzzle-inspired tiling.

This space widely echoes notions of surprise and amazement which certainly kids would love to be a part of!

Make your hallway a treat to walk over with the most unique design one could even imagine.

The penny flooring designs which incorporates thousands of pennies on the floor creates a 3D effect that forces you to look on what masterpiece you’re actually walking on.


The leather belt flooring designs which often would be characterized by 70’s inspired look is what makes it the most exquisite and brilliant piece of artwork embedded in the floors. Terra Cotta and carpeting is also a timeless option to avail.

Layering carpets is a well-known design which creates an everlasting eclectically diverse look. Wanting firm feet over the floor is what every customer demands, and to fulfill such desire, the use of Plush pile carpeting is the way to go about it!