Interior Design

Fireplace Design Ideas

Gone are those days when a simple Fireplace could do justice to your home environment by its only providing warmth during the chilly seasons.

The new era calls for perfect complementary elements like fireplace to integrate the beauty of the room together with radiating feeling of warmth.

Monochromatic colors can be a brilliant way to suit the essence of the fireplace. Brown hued arm chair in the living space could emit a calm and soothing feel.

Floor-to-ceiling mosaic tiled wallpaper with shades of dark brown and glass centered with a fireplace in between could bring a look like no other. Sheer draperies and striped pillows could be an amazing way to complement such fireplace beauty.

If you’re looking for somewhat prehistoric antique look then Venetian plaster wall treatment contrasted with wrought-iron chandelier and mantel accessories would bring a visual and appealing effect.

Such regal elegance is rare to achieve however possible with Victorian furnishings styled.

Choose a traditional mirror upon your brick fireplace to achieve a look like never before!  You can even design your bathroom with an inbuilt fireplace for an unexpected yet modern look. Surround this area with blue and silver mosaic tiles that could elegantly bring out the true beauty of the shower and tub area.