Dining Room

Family Dining Rooms

As many countries are witnessing the death of Family Dining Rooms because many members prefer eating their meals somewhere in front of the TV or in their room in isolation. Prevent such behavior to arrive in your family by creating a marvelous family dining room forcing everyone to sit together because of its inviting and charming personality.

Display brilliance in your dining room with the use of chunky dining table equipment, sleek white chairs, and trumpet shaped light pendants and rustic wooden floor.

A modern buffet behind could harbour long orchids symmetrically placed on either sides, with a painting placed just above it for an elegance and beauty.

A complete family unit could incorporate a wide rectangular dining table with beaded eclectic mats placed complemented by layered patterned carpets below.


Let your sideboard include cutlery items, vases containing faux flowers, ironstone pitchers and traditional kitchen ware you were given by your own mother to bring out a stoke of tradition.

Oval chairs have always been the favourite of traditional family spaces which could be upholstered custom-ly with your favourite pattern. If you live in an enclosed home of royal background; then don’t hesitate to spend tons of dollars to renovate your dining space.

A wide archway could lead to an extremely long dining table. With gold accented chandeliers hanging from the top and being contrasted by long floor-to-ceiling flowing silk golden drapery gives the room a cohesive touch.