Home Design

Exterior Design Ideas

If you’re looking for enhancing your curb charm then nothing packs a better strike then an exterior amendment.

Represent yourself through materials, paint colors and designs that would attract the attention of the whole neighborhood.

Your exterior designs can be complemented with axis stemming from the house. Align your doorway with a circular stone path appearing on regular intervals.

Live oaks can be a good way of harmonizing with the evergreen backdrop of the house’s lush green environment.

If you’re starting from scratch then select a design, either it could be Mediterranean, western or craftsmen. Beige brown and grey can be a perfect choice for you, when selecting the right shade.

To add a unique touch to your exterior, paint your garage door with bright bold colors. A yellow door with a plane white house can be a very unique and smart way to spice up the house’s exterior décor.

House numbers can be a great way to add personality and adding a beautiful font and color to your name can be very pleasing to the eye.