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Exciting Home Entrance Design

As the part first seen by guests, the main door is an important element in every kind of home design. We need to consider the artistic side in choosing the shape and design.

The front door design can reflect the personality of the homeowner. Pick the right door, so that your guests will feel respected and welcome, even though they still stand in the front of the house. Perhaps, there are many of you who are not too concerned about the selection of the door design for the appearance of the house. In fact, if it doesn’t fit, the door will ruin the beauty and the aesthetic aspect of the house.

According to the architect, Ron Beyer, it is wrong. On his way to Denmark, he said that the people there are very proud with the home main entrance. They decorate it with interesting details and brightly painted. Some of the front doors there look so artistic. Beyer expressed, the “cold and tasteless” front door can often be seen today, because most people don’t give a chance for it to be highlighted.

It is important to choose the right front door in two aspects, style and size. In fact, the front door doesn’t have to be large or expensive in order to make a design “statement”. For example, Don Oestreicher’s home main entrance, a CEO in California. Inspired by Italian architecture of the 16th century and has been featured in many publications, his house has a glass-composed entrance which is relatively simple.

Two sheets of sandblast glass designed in circle shape, then stacked at the same part to create depth. The door is given glass block accents on both halves. Glass is a popular choice for the additional component of the home main door. Because its function can reflect sunlight, so the interior of the house will be bright and fresh.

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