Entrance Design

Entrance Halls Design Ideas

The Entrances of your house define a luxurious and opulent statement. With grand modern foyer to completely traditional looking entries; we’ve got everything to make you feel out of this world.

The modern and contemporary trends call for a minimalistic entrance hall designed by distinctive features.

A checkered floor with tall ceilings could make an exceptional statement. What could embellish this scene even further would be the addition of a royal curved staircase with iron spindle like railing for a contrasting effect.

A crystal chandelier just above the center space adds an extravagant touch.

An entrance hall could even be narrow if you like to keep if all low profile yet interesting. With all the space compacted; one could adapt the eclectic look that features various diverse objects portrayed right when you enter the house. In this way, the guests wouldn’t notice upon the size of the house rather the unique and magnificent interior that reflects liveliness.

A mantelpiece with striped wallpaper could bring brilliant look. With black and white photographs arranged symmetrically in a line and a steel framed mirror could complement this accessory amazingly.

Do not forget to place stylish rod like hangers or baskets for storage or daily needs.