Embellishing Your House With Small Cottage Garden Ideas

Small cottage garden ideas are dreams for every homeowner. Having a small, simple, but an elegant cottage garden in the back of your home is a bit difficult thing to do, because it requires proper soil conditions for a variety of plants. However, everything is possible for those of you who can manage and arrange the cottage garden construction. The cottage garden is usually decorated with many kinds of plants, such as biennials, shrubs, vines, perennials, even fruit trees. That’s why the presence of a cottage garden is meant not only to be the exterior decorator, but also to be useful for the health of the home occupants.

Small Cottage Ideas

Small Cottage Ideas

Small Cottage Garden Ideas

Small Cottage Garden Ideas

For those of you who intend and desire to realize your small cottage garden ideas, here are some advices to embellish your home with a small cottage garden.

1. Adjust the plan and the design of your cottage garden with the provided area in your home. Don’t force to have a large and fully-loaded cottage garden if you just have a small space for it.

2. To make your cottage garden look neater, place some wooden structures, like arches, fences or trellises. To enhance the appearance and the value, plant the vines around the structures.

3. The soil is the main leading role in the cottage garden. Therefore, make sure that you amend it with quality manures.

4. To start the planting, plant the Rambling morning glory vines. It’s an easy-to-grow plant, so while you plant the other plants, you’ll already find the vines grown.

5. To have a traditional look of a cottage garden, plant colorful flowers like hollyhocks, jasmines, delphinium, or even roses. The presence of flowers will always embellish the entirety part of your house.

6. Fragrance is also the most part of the plant needed by the homeowners. Use perfumed herbs, such as aloe vera, orchids, lavender and rosemary.

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