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Eco-Conscious Gardening

Gardening can serve as the perfect hobby for people looking to relieve stress from their lives. Regrettably, some gardening practices do not also have a positive affect on nature. Nearly 7 billion gallons of water are used on landscaping every day, equating to about one-third of all water used in the country. This leads to a great strain on water supplies and negatively impacts the natural resources in other areas.

Gardening in eco-friendly ways is becoming more and more popular as people nationwide look to enjoy gardening while limiting the harmful effects it may have on the ecosystem. Through careful preparation, home gardens can improve the environment as well as their owners’ mental state. In some areas rain barrels can be utilized to collect rainwater for watering a garden without resorting to outside sources. Certain types of wildflowers can also help attract helpful birds and insects that can eat the harmful pests and reduce the need for chemical pesticides.

Eco-conscious gardening is easy and just as entertaining, while having the improved benefits of helping preserve the native ecosystem.
There are many lawn care companies, like TruGreen for example, which can provide natural alternatives to traditional lawn care services.

Look at the accompanying infographic and see what you can do to make your garden better the environment.