Sauna Design

Eclectic Sauna Designs

Traditional Sauna Designs would look brilliant if fitted with etched glass doors which are tinted with glass windows and tempered with sand-blasted sauna motif.

You could even complement this look with a unique piece of artwork by painting it will hill, clouds or trees for visual impact. If you are planning to build a sauna in your cottage; then try to make it look eclectic and diverse.

As most probably cottage do not have the facility of lighting then small wooden sauna stove with highly efficient inbuilt flaming system is the smartest choice to avail.

You could even have it colored in vibrant colors or have beaded tops for a versatile and eclectic effect. Wood burning eclectic Sauna designs could be the dream kit for your outdoor space.

Barrel kits could be an additional feature to make your garden and swimming pool look marvellous yet eclectic.

Line it with timber interior and a bench inside which could offer a spacious opportunities for couples to lie down.


Outside this sauna, arrange cane chairs and a bamboo-inspired shade placed upon wooden stage beside the cheerful garden. It could even be fitted with Mp3 players and latest sound systems for a cheerful time. This kit could even be placed in your stylishly modern outdoor space or your gym.