Eclectic Kitchen Designs

Live, cook and eat in style by renovating your boring and old fashioned kitchen of yesterday. Glazed cabinets and stylish hardware topped up by the beauty of industrial lighting can bring out a look like no other!

A double chandelier imitating kitchenware design can be brilliant way to decorate your kitchen with innovation and creativity.

Bas cabinets if darkened can be toned down by the use of light shaded upper cabinets with a slight metallic glossy touch.

Stainless steel countertops are gaining popularity day by day because of its utilitarian nature featuring modern class.

Harmonize your magnificent kitchen with under cabinet LED lightings with a mosaic-inspired LED lighting. Black marble countertop adorning the aluminum-hammered drawers would look chic and sleek.

Recently, industrialized designs have mingled with modern home designs. Metal shelf below the fortified countertops can match the design of the glassy counters and sinks. This pretty place will be a perfectly place for you to cook!

Using monochromatic textile and country wood under cabinet can successfully make your small kitchen island space look bigger.