Eclectic Kitchen Design Ideas

Eclectic Designs can be a brilliant way to show-off kitchenware and interior designs in a well- merged collection for a cohesive look. You can even use one color or design to bring the whole eclectic look in the kitchen.

Trends called for simple backsplash with recessed lighting to highlight the dishes.  An arched granite breakfast table complemented with bright pendant lights can bring a wow factor.

Let the countertop be grey in color but mingle an outside effect by arranging red bricked wall beneath. Cane seating arrangement can also be a brilliant way to let the unexpected diversity to be achieved.

For a true versatile looking kitchen, pick anything you adore and design your kitchen around it. Unique retro designs can be fitted to remind you of your childhood and embellish this memory with modern steel appliances.

A blackboard paint and retro lighting can be the most exotic approach towards achieving a lovely looking kitchen which without any doubt would be adored by the guests because of its nostalgic flavor.

Unusual architectural elements when added to the kitchen can bring an artistic touch with a 3D effect for you to dine in style. But don’t forget to diversify its beauty by an exciting bullet-shaped lamp hanging just above your dining table.

Combine various materials and designs to your kitchen; consisting of unique light fixtures and textured decorative surfaces.