Interior Design

Eclectic Interior Design

Give your house a touch of Eclectic Designs for a diverse and versatile future. Mix unexpected pieces to bring an exquisite effect for you and your family to adore daily.

The foyer of the house is an essential way of revealing the inner beauty of your house. A great hall anchored with checkered tiles, a Danish modern mirror and vintage mirror can change the overall look of the house.

Line your foyer with photographs of childhood to add a classical feel and let hanger. Let your home get a cohesive look by joining the kitchen space with living room so the two rooms could talk.

Arrange a china cabinet in the living room space to add crockery items or even your favorite set of books to add versatility within the confines of the house.

In the dining room a mixture of seating arrangement can bring an eclectic heavenly touch when leather seats comfy seats will meet the fate of vintage wooden frame chairs.

In your bedroom, arrange a vintage wooden clock above antique chairs for a classical feel.

Add color and pattern to your bedroom consistently until it feels comfortable. A Brazilian rug complemented with orange vintage sofa can bring an exuberant feeling to the atmosphere.