Home Design

Eclectic Home Design Ideas

Eclectic Home Designs are diverse in nature and bring innovation and creativity. A great home consist of brilliant mixing of eclectic color palettes, textures and patterns.

If you’re a chocoholic and looking for diversity within the bounds of your home; acquaint your home interior with color palette of dark chocolate and shades of brown.

Design it in a way that it appears to be a dark and mysterious place offering luxurious lifestyle with interesting props and a stone fireplace to highlight the extravagant beauty of the place.

Carpeted floors can without any doubt contrast with the color palette to add a touch for sophistication and magnificence. Prehistoric sculptures and carvings with all the above mentioned ideas are an essential way of adding rhythmic eclectic style to your apartment.

Bedrooms with eclectic designs have one thing in common; they personify the interests and lifestyle of the owner.

Neutral colors like white are preferred not be used because it makes the surroundings quite boring hence undermining the essence of the eclectic theme.

Go for bold and vibrant colors to add life to your bedroom and contrast it with necessary accessories and color pallet of wall. Complement the eclectic theme of your room with beautifully surreal classic paintings.