Dining Room

Eclectic Dining Rooms

A diverse and versatile Eclectic Dining Room always is the focal point for family gathering because o it’s attractively inviting atmosphere. What could be more brilliant than the excessive accessorizing happening near a place where you could sit together with family and enjoy meal in style? Layering carpet is known for radiating the true versatility; with its patterned carpets and conventional prints.

Imagine a dining room which has an archway entrance with Mediterranean pattern upon it, which could be complemented with beaded mats, upholstered floral chairs and colourful cutlery. This theme calls for playing with color however its essential cheery element is lost when uniformity and cohesive look isn’t kept in mind.

1980’s brass light fixture upon the ceiling with jet black painted circular glass table and chairs would perfectly contrast with the parrot green wallpaper of Eiffel tower behind.

Softening up the space with linens often is the perfect solution for toning down our excessive ornamental features in the eclectic dining room.

In your eclectic dining room it isn’t necessary that everything has to match like before when you had to purchase a full dining set.

Now even a wood harvest table could contrast and look brilliant with ultra-modern moulded chairs. Benches and settles to the dining room could also bring a variety to the dining atmosphere where every age group could enjoy.

Animal printed shades and cut-work lamp hanging low near the dining table is another achievable eclectic success.