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Door Trends

Small spaces where items are stored can be ornamented with pocket Doors. These doors are an essential feature towards making your room look eclectic and echo an organized space.

These doors are in trendy fashion these days with panelled glass windows which allows natural light to create a spacious and airy look. The European Door style is the upcoming fashion trend to match the needs of your traditional home where glass panel and white décor could add an inviting feeling.

As the continents meet regarding the fashion sense, the Asian look is something door designs would have a soft place for. Shoji screens, sliding doors and wooden panes would be extremely popular in order to partition the dining room and the kitchen.

Make your kitchen functional and utilitarian through the design featuring paned-glass pocket doors that could disappear whenever you want them to and appear when you are in search of some necessary item.

Another kitchen door idea is the frosted glass pantry door; which keeps functional features within its bounds.

Drama is created within the room when these translucent doors allows you to even keep the behind untidy and this door serves a multi utilitarian function when its sliding feature doesn’t even interrupt the traffic flow.

A wooden Door with metal details is another trendy fashionable door that would storm the markets; because of its elegant touch and prevention in invading of privacy when integrated within bedroom and the master bathroom.