Interior Design

Door Design Ideas

Doors can be a wonderful way for revealing a hint of what’s hidden inside; especially the front door which can be an intriguing way to grab the attention of the whole neighborhood.


Paint your front door with a vibrant color and contrast it with the overall dim shade of the house to saturate its importance.

A door mat, door bell and door knock can enhance the look of the door massively. Avoid wood carving on your doors to prevent trapping of dust particles.

Doors can be a smart way to make the room look more spacious by having sparkly features; comprised of mirrored sections with clanging accents.

If you think you are only restricted to using white boring interior doors, then think again! Conceal your rooms with floor-to-ceiling resin sliding doors painted with red stripes and match it with burnt orange wallpaper in your room, to bring elegant cohesion.

A very useful yet innovative door design to use in a kitchen is the pantry multipurpose door; used for storing kitchenware items and its glass sliding door can also be used for writing necessary grocery and to-do lists.

A very creative closet door can be similarly used for productivity by using paneled chalkboard paint.