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Decoration And Inspiration Wood House

You can get ideas and inspiration wood house in the internet, books, and magazines. Even though we live in a modern era, people still love to have a wooden house made from log as a place for living. The outer appearance offers you with attractive and unique look.

It can be an attention grabbing house in the neighborhood since most neighbors will love to build a minimalist, modern and contemporary house design. Decorating a log cabin house can be a challenging task to do. You need to find the special furniture, accessories and furnishing to make it work.

The wall, floor, and window treatment is different. When you turn the attention on the bedroom, you need to educate yourself about the best inspiration of wood house. You can shop for the bed frame made in carved style. It can be made from the log material in weathered accent. The bedding should look cozy fluffy and warm. You can adorn it buying plain quilt. If you love with pattern, you can have it in the prints of moose, deer, bear or even plain. Avoid the Native American prints on the bedding since it represents the southwestern style, not log cabin design.

If you want to bring a harmonious look in the living room, you can decorate the area with simple accessories. You can set a rusted metal lampshade, a weathered coffee table, clay pottery and intricate wooden bowl on the living area. The pattern can make the log living room more rustic than before. If you have accessorized the living room with many items, do not play intricate pattern on the window treatment. You need to apply rustic look. You just have to install plain curtain, blind or even shade. It can be made in white or even light brown color. You can use the curtain to block the light in this inspiration wood house.

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