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Decorating and Design Secrets That’ll Transform Your House Into a Home

One of the best parts of moving into a new house is all of the unlocked potential. You can almost hear the empty rooms echo with possibility. Your living space should absolutely contain everything for you and your family’s needs.

That being said, it is so important that people’s spaces reflect who they are on the inside. Taking a little more time and money to make your house everything you ever dreamed of will be worth every penny. Getting started is the hardest part, so here are a few decorating and design secrets that’ll transform your house into a home.

Choose Furniture that Reflects You

The furniture inside your home is usually one of the first things your eye lands on when you walk in the front door. Your furniture should match your desired aesthetic in addition to being functional. One of the most important pieces of furniture that you interact with daily and that also becomes a centerpiece when entertaining guests, is the sofa.

A sure way to create an environment that is uniquely yours is with custom couches in your upstairs and downstairs living areas. With companies like BenchMade Modern, it’s easy to fabricate your very own couch in three straightforward steps. You start by choosing a style from fourteen different collections, pick the perfect size for your space, and then choose the material. You can order swatches for free to make sure it will complement your favorite paint color or withstand your messy little eaters. There’s even a one hundred day trial to make sure your custom couch is everything you’d hoped for. Whether you’re in need of a love seat, a sectional, or anything in between, BenchMade Modern has a solution for your space.

Make it Shine

Since you have only recently come into ownership of your house, it’s hard to say when the outside got its last cleanup. The likelihood is that it could use a thorough window cleaning and gutter check. You already have so much on your plate as a new homeowner, so why not leave it up to the professionals? Companies like LaborPanes can take this responsibility out of your hands by providing all of those services.

In addition to window and gutter cleaning, a service like soft-touch house washing will restore the exterior of your home and leave it free from mold, dirt, and mildew, which builds up over time. Your house will be sparkling in no time. Your friends will be so impressed by how sharp your new abode looks at your house warming party that they may be asking you for recommendations.

Personalize Your Home with Art

Art on the walls can transform a bare house into a warm home. Once you’ve picked your paint colors and customized your couch, select pieces that speak to your interests. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got more of a Robert Rauschenberg or a Takashi Murakami vibe; the art on your walls should feel personal and exciting to you.

A great way to find art and support local artists is by skimming art fairs. It’s an activity that you can do on your own or with friends and family. By actively participating in your search for art, you will create a personal connection to your collection.

Don’t Forget the Small Details

Putting an eye towards detail is sure to make your home more “homey.” Replace the generic light fixtures and switches with something that matches the tone and mood you wish to create. Collect cushions or thimbles from vacations to bring your travel memories a little closer. Curate a curio cabinet Even the smaller decor pieces can tie a room together. These embellishments will be the final touches in making your house a home.