Dining Room

Decorating A Modern Minimalist Dining Room Design

The dining room is one of the most common places for a family to get together, in an effort to increase the warmth of the family is eating together. Therefore, decorating the dining room as comfortable as possible is a step that must be taken.

There are some basic steps that need to be done in order to achieve a proper modern minimalist dining room design.

1. Integrate a little carpet area in the dining room with a matching color to the wall color of the room. It’s occasionally allowed to have a contrasting color, however adjust it first. The carpets should be large enough to fit under the dining table and chair even when the seat is pulled out.

2. Take advantage of the chandelier or wall lamps. This is a certain way to improve the dining room design. Find some of the corner sides that are suitable for placement the chandelier. It would be better if you set a pair of chandelier. Or, you can just hang a chandelier right above the dining table.

3. The dining room should use an attractive color shades. The right coloring option in the dining room can greatly affect the appetite. If you are wrong in choosing color, it could decrease your appetite. The colors that are suitable to be applied in the dining room include yellow, green, dark red, and brown.

4. Use a different tile from the other rooms. The differences of tiles are meant to be a divider between the dining room with the other rooms. It’s recommended that you use a type of ceramic tile or a different color.

5. Adjust the number of seats by the number of family members. If your dining room is large enough, you should adjust the number of seats by the number of family members. However, if your dining room is small, you should use a rectangular dining table with simpler chairs design.

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