Dare To Go Dark: Black Bathrooms

Black is an unconventional color choice for a dominant color especially in small spaces. Making it work can be tricky, but when its pulled off properly, it is absolutely elegant.

Tip: Not all blacks are the same! Look for subtle differences in undertone when selecting black paint for your bathroom. your best bet is a black with a little purple or blue with a clean feel, these blacks go nicely with neutrals and warm woods.

Black walls don’t have to make your space feel confined. If you’re looking for a slightly lighter look, try painting only one or two of your walls black.

If you’re willing to go all black, make sure you find ways to circulate light in your space. The sloped ceiling and wide mirror both help lighten the bathroom, and keep it from becoming oppressive.

Play with different shades of gray and black in your design for an interesting look. You can even incorporate some dark gray stone on one surface to spice things up.

If you want to try something new, go for a black floor as opposed to black walls. This will certainly add an elegant flare to your bathroom design, and will keep your room very open at the same time.

For powder rooms, its worth taking the risk and going dark. The space is small as it is, and the dark walls will make a huge statement.