Curtains Ideas

Framing your windows with stylish and elegant Curtains can surely bring a glamorous look to your room. Curtain trends account for a gradual replacement of sheer curtains with more comfortable and friendly selections.

Choosing beautiful bursts of orange, yellow, blue and green are the smartest choice of the coming summer! Floral designs and contemporary patterns will be popular jewel tones while exposed wood grain in blinds and natural woven shades would continue to dominate.

Opulently and flashy fabrics are the perfect treatment for your windows with categories ranging from silks, velvets and fur; such textures that beg to be touched.

If you’re looking for designing an arch double window, then sheer white drapery is an ideal pick guaranteeing elegance and beauty.


Truly modernized curtain treatments can be achieved by the use of panel track system; which provides graceful sleek and avoidance of fussy environment.

This year offer luxury and comfort through high tech facilities where window blinds now can be easily controlled via remotes, light switch or even the internet. Environmental green curtains with anti-micro/fungal traits are also gradually boosting its sale in the market.

Curtains Ideas 2014: