Creative Modern Home Garden Design Ideas

The lack of the free space availability in your home, it doesn’t mean that a presence of a home garden becomes impossible. A garden can be created by combining elements of hard and soft. The hard element is represented by the garden furniture, while the soft element is the plants.

To get a more attractive garden, you can also integrate the three basic elements of a garden construction, which are; hardscape, softscape and lightscape.


The beauty of a garden can’t be separated from the beauty of the grass. A garden will look dreadful when the grass is dry or bald. Maintaining grass for a beautiful look is a bit tricky. However, it’s worth because it will be paid off by such stunning view in your front/back yard.

It’s recommended to limit the number of plants and ornaments that are about to be planted in the garden. Because the less the plants planted, the better the results. It would be better having a little amount of plants in the garden but it’s riveting and well-organized, than many planting plenty of plants but chaotic.


After choosing the right plants, you can add hardscape in the garden. You can integrate many kinds of the “hard” elements into your garden, such as the paving, foot stepping, concrete paving, brick, tile, natural stones, simple bench, or a wooden deck.

For a large modern garden, you can also apply a fish pond, a small fountain, a bird bath or a reflecting pool.


The garden lighting can come in two methods, which are downlighting, or upper lighting. With downlighting, the produced light will feel as if it was sunlight. Point it at the trees or structures in the garden, so that it can create soft shadows in the garden.

Meanwhile, the upper lighting is used to create a subtle shadow effect, clarifying the abject figure, making silhouettes and presenting a focal point in the garden.