Creating A Simple Minimalist Home Garden Design

The minimalist house design is popular nowadays. This is because such a housing concept can give the impression of simple and modern at the same time. This home concept is suitable for the modern society that prioritizes the practical and simple things.

However, the this housing concept also has its disadvantages, such as the limitation of available housing space, so that it will be difficult for us to have an in-house garden. In fact, the issue of global warming that we’ve been facing recently, the presence of a garden is very important. The presence of an in-house can help a small-scale afforestation, at least for our own benefit.

The garden with a variety of plants has many benefits, because it can help absorb pollution and turn it into oxygen. In addition, we can use the garden as well an the aesthetic function in our homes. Given the importance of in-house garden, we need to do some things, so that we can have an in-house garden that is functional.

There are some ways to design a simple minimalist in-house garden that we can apply to our homes :

1. Choosing right plants
We should be able to choose plants that will not grow too large and require a lot of space. Pot plants would be more suitable to be placed in our minimalist garden. For example, Linium Caladium, Calathea Majestic, and Yang Liyu.

2. The element of water can also be presented in our small garden. By integrating a small fountain or pond in our garden. The gurgling sound of water can provide a unique relaxation for the home occupants. In addition, water can also help the oxygen cycle in our homes.

3. For those of us who still want the presence of trees in a small garden, we can choose the type of slender-trunked trees like Sugar-apple or pomegranate.

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