Living Room

Country French Living Room Décor

Let the European beauty of French Décor meet the rustic country style for a blended effect like never before. It’s essential to realize the soft and comfortable accents of French styled living rooms could easily complement the inviting country accessories.

Strike a perfect balance through soft patterns and dull hues to highlight the noteworthy furnishings decorated in the room.

When it comes to ornamenting the beauty of sofas and drapery; the soft French accents do the trick! Beautiful light fabrics and soft patterns are the hallmark of French décor to pace up with the hectic lifestyle of the owner.


Delicate patterns like fringes, trims and lace finishes have stormed the market with their elegance. The one pattern that holds significance of the French beauty among all others is the marvelous décor option; toile.

In a living room with modest provisions and antique embellishments, this pattern could add a wow-factor. When mingled with country styled sofas through casing the upholstery, toile could be the timeless print you were always in the search for!

Create country influence in your living room through painting your media console cabinets and doors with the soft blue color.

Causal wooden-inlay pattern upon the floor and pendant lights complements each other’s exquisite beauty. Architectural elements are one that gives a definition for your country French living room, where hanging wooden beams integrated with candle light ceiling sconces highlights the French effect. While the introduction of curved archways and a brick wall adds a warm and inviting country environment.